Our Brand


VisitEngland is the National Tourist Board for England. Our brand is used to build our reputation as the lead body for tourism in England, trusted advisor to Government and champion of the tourism industry across the country.

The VisitEngland logo combines two messages in one – our invitation to visit England (logotype) along with a distinctive symbol of our country (rose logo). The rose logo is a registered trade mark.

It’s been three years since VisitEngland was created and to monitor industry satisfaction with our performance and to identify areas for improvement an extensive survey was carried out earlier this year. As a result of the feedback received from stakeholders regarding our brand, our consumer communications channels are being realigned to sit under the VisitEngland designator. As a first step, the national website enjoyengland.com has been renamed visitengland.com and the title ‘VisitEngland’ will be rolled out gradually across its consumer facing channels. Our corporate/business facing website remains www.visitengland.org.

Updating inbound links to the VisitEngland.com website

If you have any links or references to enjoyengland.com on your websites please update them with the new URL, www.visitengland.com. Please note a redirect has been set up in the interim to ensure links are not broken.

To update any existing links to link directly to the VisitEngland.com website you can use the coding below:

• Changing the URL of the link from enjoyengland.com to visitengland.com e.g. <a href=”/bounce.aspx?PG=/bounce.aspx?PG=http://www.visitengland.com/ee/”>[YOUR IMAGE OR ANCHOR TEXT HERE]</a>

• Use the alt text of the logo (where used) to highlight the change from EnjoyEngland to VisitEngland. For example:
<img src=”/example/ve-logo.jpg” alt=”VisitEngland (formerly EnjoyEngland)”>

By making this change you will also be helping us with our search engine optimisation and ensuring the VisitEngland website continues to perform well in search results and rankings. Pages with lots of links from good quality websites tend to rank best, as Google’s ranking system works on the assumption that pages that are linked to by other people are useful, and should appear in search results.

If you have any further questions regarding the link changes please contact websiteissues@visitengland.org


Updating signage for Tourism Information Centres

The Enjoy England Official Partner signs will be replaced with VisitEngland Official Partner signs during 2013. Tracey Taylor, Visitor Information Manager at VisitEngland will be in touch in the New Year with details relating to new artwork and signage. 

In the meantime if you have any queries you can contact Tracey at tracey.taylor@visitengland.org.


Updating signage for VisitEngland Assessed Accommodation and Attractions

The electronic signage for VisitEngland’s National Quality Assessment Scheme (NQAS) and Visitor Attraction Quality Assurance Scheme (VAQAS) participants has now been updated with the VisitEngland header, as an interim measure. Should any businesses wish to replace their electronic signage on their websites and marketing material, new artwork is available by emailing the contacts below:

Accommodation Scheme Members: qualityintourism@uk.g4s.com

Visitor Attraction Scheme Members: vaqas@visitengland.org

Next year fully redesigned and modernised signs with a more contemporary style will be introduced and available at cost, should any participant wish to order a replacement. However, the current signs will all still remain valid. New participants will receive a free sign as they do now.