VisitEngland's Corporate Strategy

The Strategic Framework for Tourism and the Government’s Tourism Policy provide the context for VisitEngland’s work programme. Key to the success of VisitEngland’s challenge for the future is the implementation of a four year Corporate Strategy which lays out its five priorities to be achieved, how it will deliver them and how its performance will be measured. 


VisitEngland's Corporate Priorities 2011-2015

  1. To drive forward the implementation of the Strategic Framework for Tourism in England and deliver the actions for which VisitEngland is responsible.

  2. To develop and implement a national brand and marketing approach for England which leverages England's best assets and encourages a range of industry partners to benefit from collaborative activities to achieve a step change in domestic holiday taking and contribute to the 5% annual growth target outlined in the Strategic Framework for Tourism in England.

  3. To establish VisitEngland as the primary source of expertise on English tourism and its visitor economy and to make this expertise and intelligence widely accessible to our partners.

  4. To develop VisitEngland as a modern, forward looking lead body by operating to a business model that provides England's tourism sector with a more robust and sustainable national tourism organisation for the longer term and which is effectively engaged with a wider range of partners at the national and local level, whilst reducing its overheads in accordance with its Funding Agreement with DCMS.

  5. To support Government to achieve its policy aspirations.

Business Plan 2014-15

These priorities are outlined in further detail in our Business Plan 2014/15 (PDF, 735KB)



VisitEngland Corporate Strategy