Sponsored by Kellogg’s, this award recognises those hotels and guest accommodation businesses where the owners, managers, chefs and staff have gone the extra mile to ensure the breakfast will exceed expectations.

We have deliberately set the thresholds higher for establishments at the higher star ratings, to reflect guests’ expectations. 

The assessor scores the breakfast every time he/she stays overnight, so the scores for the Breakfast award will be taken from your last overnight assessment.

For hotels, overnight assessments are now every year.

For guest accommodation the schedule is:
• 5 star and/or Gold awards: overnight stay at least every other year
• Silver and Breakfast awards: overnight stay every other year
• 1 to 4 star: overnight stay every third year

The Breakfast award is valid until the next assessment and will trigger automatically after assessment subject to sign off by one of Quality in Tourism's area managers. In some cases, an overnight is required before it's confirmed.

You can check your potential for achieving a Breakfast award by downloading the Breakfast award quality scores below. If your most recent assessment scores don’t quite make the grade for the Breakfast award but are close, you may request an overnight stay for your next assessment so that your breakfast can be assessed for the opportunity to achieve an award. Due to the number of requests we may receive, please note that your scores must be very close to those required to achieve an award to be able to request for an overnight stay.

For those who have achieved a Breakfast award, the electronic version of the Breakfast award can be supplied as a jpeg or eps file – please email qualityintourism@uk.g4s.com with your request. As well as a certificate, businesses will receive a small sample of stickers that can also be ordered from Alpen Signs (£9.00 for 500), as can the exterior Breakfast award sign which costs £41.

Breakfast award by VisitEngland

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Check how close you are to achieving the VisitEngland Breakfast Award.