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What do we look for in an assessment?

Every participant in the National Quality Assessment Scheme (NQAS) will be visited by one of our professional assessors.  Each property will be assessed on three levels:

1) Minimum Entry Requirements (MER) - Each property must meet the minimum requirements in its sector. For example, a hotel must be licensed and all bedrooms must be en-suite or have private bathrooms.  Self-catering accommodation must have self-contained units i.e. no shared facilities.

2) Facilities and Services - When the assessor visits hotels and guest accommodation they do not just assess the facilities, they check several different areas which include:

Service and hospitality
Public areas
Each of these areas will be scored as either:

Quite good
Very Good

Service and hospitality is a very important aspect of any guest's stay in a hotel or B&B. It is about the little things you do to make your guests' stay that bit more special.  Your bedrooms and bathrooms may be of modest quality, but if your hospitality and your breakfast are exceptional this will pull up your overall score and star rating.

3) Quality Scores - The star rating you achieve depends on the scores you receive for each area.  For example, to achieve four star, most of the scores in your assessment must be Very Good, whereas a three star property would need to achieve an average of Good.

View the standards booklets for each scheme.


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Changes to Awards and review of scoring September 2012 Go

VisitEngland has reviewed the spread of all the Breakfast, Gold and Silver awards for Guest Accommodation / Hotels and the Gold award for Self Catering.

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VisitEngland's new Moderation Unit Go

Built into Quality in Tourism’s new three-year licence agreement is the setting up of a new VisitEngland moderation team to monitor the quality, consistency and accuracy of the assessment visits and written reports.

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Changes to the self catering common standard 2012 Go

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