England's Tourism Industry

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The Value of Tourism Go

Tourism is essential to England’s economy. It generates £106billion each year, employs in excess of two million people and supports thousands of businesses, both directly and indirectly.

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How Tourism is Managed: A Time of Transition Go

Public sector tourism is undergoing the biggest changes since the 1969 Development of Tourism Act. Find out how the delivery landscape is changing.

Govt Tourism Policy

Government Policy & Tourism Planning Guidance Go

Find out all about the Government's Tourism Policy and the Tourism Planning Guidance online resource.

England Rugby World Cup 2015

England Rugby World Cup 2015 Go

The Rugby World Cup 2015 is to be hosted in twelve venues across England. Read about the opportunties for tourism in England.

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English Tourism Week Go

English Tourism Week is a week-long celebration of events showcasing the quality and vibrancy of the visitor experiences and the value our industry brings to our nation.

Innovation in the Visitor Economy

Innovation Go

What do you understand by innovation in the visitor economy? What are the barriers to innovation? How can the sector stimulate innovation to support growth? Join the debate...