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1. How many visitors come to England (or the UK) each year, and how much do they spend?

In Key Facts you’ll find the headline volume and value figures for England, and a link to the VisitBritain Insights pages for information about the UK as a whole. You’ll also find information about what tourism contributes to the our economy in terms of GDP and jobs supported.

2. I want to know more about visitors to England (or the UK). Where do they come from? What are their reasons for travel? What accommodation do they use? What age groups do they belong to? How have things changed over the past few years?

We hold a wealth of information about our visitors which allows you to answer these questions and many more. However, to find the information you need, you first need to think about what type of visitor you are interested in. We classify visitors into three groups, and provide detailed information separately for each of them.

Inbound Visitors – people who travel to England from abroad.

Domestic Overnight Visitors – UK residents who take trips in England which include an overnight stay, whether this is for leisure, business, or to visit friends and family.

Day Visitors – English residents who take day trips from home without staying overnight. For example, this could be a trip to a local visitor attraction, or travelling to watch a sporting event.

3. What are the most popular visitor attractions in England?

Each year, we conduct a national survey of visits to visitor attractions . In the detailed survey report you can find visitor numbers for almost 2000 attractions, while separate “Top 20” listings show the most popular attractions nationally and in each region.

4. I’m thinking of setting up a tourism business in (destination). What can you tell me about local tourism trends?

We would love to be able to offer detailed research for every individual tourism destination in the country. Unfortunately, this would be an extremely costly undertaking, and so we can’t always provide the level of detail that we know you might like.

We do however aim to provide some information about different parts of the country:

Our website includes a regional information section.  Within this section, you can find information about tourism in regions and counties of England. You can also find links to external sources of regional tourism intelligence, which may provide more detail than we can offer from our national surveys.

We also provide a listing of the Top 20 most visited English towns for domestic visitors, and you can find similar information for overseas visitors on the VisitBritain Insights site.

5. All your statistics seem to look backwards, but I need to know what’s going to happen next. What are your predictions for the coming months?

Many external factors can impact visitor behaviour – in the last couple of years, the global recession, weaker pound and Icelandic volcano have played a role, and domestically, the ever-changing British weather can affect trip patterns from one week to the next. 

All of this makes it difficult to make exact predictions about the future. However, by surveying consumers about their attitudes and planned behaviour, and tourism businesses about their expectations, we can build a picture of likely future trends.  You can find this information in the following areas of our website.

Accommodation Business Confidence Monitor

Quarterly Attractions Monitor

Domestic Industry Panel

Economic Downturn and the Staycation

6. I don’t have time to look at your website every day. How can I stay up to date with the latest research and statistics?

To find out when the next updates will be published, you can refer to our release timetable, which includes publication dates for all our major surveys.

If you want to see what’s been added to the site recently, our “What’s New?” section brings together all our recently published reports and updates.

You can also sign up to receive our research newsletter. This is a summary of recent research and trends which we send out every two months.

7. Help! I’ve looked at your website, and I still can’t find the information I need…

Please contact us directly at VEResearch@visitengland.org, and provide your phone number and email address. We can’t always answer every question you may have, but we will do our best to help if we possibly can.