Destination Information

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Where possible, we analyse the surveys we conduct to provide information about English regions, counties and towns.

Destination Intelligence System

Our Destination Intelligence System is an easy-to-use online tool which brings together in one place tourism facts and figures from all the available sources for the different areas of England. It allows you to produce summary reports of data for English local authorities, and also to produce your own bespoke tables and charts.

VisitEngland Surveys

GB Tourism Survey

The GB Tourism Survey provides information about the volume and value of domestic overnight tourism. The Trips to Different Parts of England 2013 page includes lists of the Top 20 most visited towns, three year averages for trips to local authorities, counties, LEPs and parliamentary constituencies, and quarterly results for the English regions.

GB Day Visitor Survey

The Annual Report for this survey includes a listing of day trip volumes and values for all counties and local authorities in Britain.

England Occupancy Survey

The monthly reports for this survey include an analysis by English region.

Annual Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions

The “Full Attractions Listing” spreadsheet, which is available as part of the reporting for the most recent year of the survey, allows you to look at results for each local authority in England.

Other Data sources

International Passenger Survey

VisitBritain provide a wealth of information about inbound trips to regions, counties and towns on the “Visits to Different Parts of the UK” section of their corporate website.

Office for National Statistics - Tourism Intelligence Unit (TIU)

The paper What is Tourism Worth? summarises outputs from the TIU, looking at the economic impact of tourism at sub-national level in the UK, and also providing information about tourism employment by local authority.