Annual Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions

Each year, VisitEngland invites all English visitor attractions to take part in an annual survey, recording visitor numbers alongside other key information such as entrance fees and visitor profiles.

The results from this survey are reported each year in late Summer, providing an overview of the visitor attraction sector.

It should be noted that the survey is carried out using a self-completion methodology, with a mix of online and postal interviewing. The self-completion approach means that VisitEngland is unable to verify results provided by individual attractions beyond a very basic “sense check.”

Survey users should also be aware that while all English attractions are invited to participate in this research, not all choose to do so, and among those participating, a number choose to do so anonymously. The lists of attractions in the report therefore include only those who choose to participate and make public their results.

The Annual Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions is an Official Statistic, and is produced in adherence with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics (2009). You can find out more about what this means here

If you are an attraction in England, you should have recently received a copy of the survey regarding your 2014 visitor figures. If you have not received the survey, or have any other questions, please contact

2013 Results

2013 Full Report
2013 Full attractions listing (Excel)*
This file was amended on 15/08/2014 to update a number of records add in Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo, and on 30/09/2014 to add in National Glass Centre
2013 20 Most visited free attractions
2013 20 Most visited paid attractions
2013 Most Visited Attractions by Region

2012 Results
2012 Summary Report
2012 Full Report
2012 Full attractions listing (Basic Excel worksheet, Excel 1997-2003)*
*This file was amended on 23/08/13, 02/09/2013, 16/09/2013 and 18/09/2013 to amend a small number of records and add additional attractions.
2012 Top 20 Paid Attractions
2012 Top 20 Free Attractions
2012 Top Attractions by Region 

2011 Results
2011 Summary Report
2011 Full Report
2011 Full attractions listing (Excel worksheet, requires Excel 2010 or above)
2011 Full attractions listing (Basic Excel worksheet, Excel 1997-2003)  
2011 Top 20 Paid Attractions
2011 Top 20 Free Attractions
2011 Top Attractions by Region

2010 Results
2010 Full Report
2010 Top 20 Paid Attractions
2010 Top 20 Free Attractions
2010 Top Attractions by Region

2009 Results
2009 Full Report
2009 Top 20 Paid Attractions
2009 Top 20 Free Attractions
2009 Top Attractions by Region

2008 Results
2008 Full Report
2008 Top 20 Paid Attractions
2008 Top 20 Free Attractions
2008 Top Attractions by Region

2007 Results
2007 Full Report
2007 Top 20 Paid Attractions
2007 Top 20 Free Attractions
2007 Top Attractions by Region

2006 Results
2006 Full Report
2006 Top 20 Paid Attractions
2006 Top 20 Free Attractions
2006 Top Attractions by Region

2000 – 2005 Results
2005 Full England Report
2004 Full England Report
2003 Full England Report
2002 Full UK Key facts
2001 Full UK Key facts
2001 Attraction Closures due to Foot & Mouth Disease
2000 Full UK Key facts

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