Official Statistics

Four of VisitEngland's surveys are designated as Official Statistics

- GB Tourism Survey (GBTS)
- GB Day Visits Survey (GBDVS)
- England / UK Occupancy Survey
- Annual Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions

This means that when monthly and annual reports are released for these surveys, we are required to follow the Code of Practice for Official Statistics (2009), as produced by the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA). The UKSA has the overall objective of promoting and safeguarding the production and publication of official statistics that serve the public good. It monitors and reports on all official statistics, and promotes good practice in this area.

In particular, we are required to release data

- according to a previously published timetable

- with pre-release access provided 24 hours ahead of publication to only a small group of individuals
          * Louise Stewart - Strategy & Development Director, VisitEngland
          * Sarah Long - Head of Corporate Communications, VisitEngland
          * Jodie Hodge - Corporate Brand and Digital Manager, VisitEngland
          * Angelah Sparg - Corporate Communications Manager, VisitEngland
          * Chris Genasi - Assistant Director of Communications and Tourism Affairs, VisitEngland

The VisitEngland Research & Insight team are responsible for carrying out quality checks and ensuring that VisitEngland adheres to the Code of Practice


You can find more information about the Code of Practice at