Holidays at Home are GREAT campaign results

VisitEngland evaluation and monitoring of the “Holidays at Home are GREAT!” campaign shows a very positive result meaning the campaign has delivered the objectives set by Government.  Results show the campaign was highly visible and highly motivating, and most importantly, has generated significant incremental spend.

Results show that:

  • Over £60m spend was generated by the website and the website between March and October 2012

  • And a further £240m was been generated by the TV campaign
  • In total the campaign has delivered some £300m in additional spend

  • This equates to 4.5 million nights away

The Campaign was Highly Visible:

  • In the campaign period, spontaneous recall of advertising of England as a destination rose to 44%. This compares to a previous all-time high of 34% in Autumn 2009

  • 72% recalled seeing at least one element of the campaign. Our previous highest ever recall level for any campaign in the previous three years was 44%

  • At its peak, 69% recalled seeing the TV commercial. Based on norms provided by TNS (our research agency), recall levels of 50 – 59% would be considered “reasonable” for a campaign with this level of spending

The Campaign was Highly Motivating:

  • The motivation score for this campaign was 55%. (This measures intention to do something  as a result of seeing the advertising) This compares with a norm of 40% across all product categories and 49% in the Travel & Tourism category.

  • Taking the motivation and involvement (liking the campaign) score together, the GREAT campaign scores 79%. This compares to an average score of 63% across the Travel & Tourism category.
    Additionally, Over half of those we interviewed said that the ad made them more likely to consider the UK for short breaks, long breaks or day trips

  • A similar proportion said that the TV ad increased their interest in:
    o Getting 20.12% offers / discounts for UK travel
    o Searching the internet generally for information about UK holidays
    o Visiting the website
    o Booking a short break in the UK

Evaluation Process:

VisitEngland monitored the ongoing success of the campaign through standard evaluation methodologies (surveys of website visitors) and our continuous brand & communications tracker, a survey of holiday takers which has been in place since October 2009.